Whether you’re a first-timer, a coach of beginning players or a coach who’s looking to take the next step in your career, our instructional clinics are designed to help you achieve your goals.

Search for a clinic in your area using the table below. To yield all results, simply click "Search." Don’t see anything listed in your area? Our training season generally runs October-March. Clinics are added weekly during the fall, so please check back during that time. US Lacrosse reserves the right to cancel any clinic with fewer than 10 registrants. Please contact cdp@uslacrosse.org with questions about a specific date/location.

If you are interested in hosting a clinic, please contact your local program leader or click HERE.

Level 1 Clinics

The Level 1 curriculum is designed to introduce coaches to the responsibilities and philosophies of coaching and how to provide a safe and athlete-centered environment that emphasizes positive growth and sportsmanship. You’ll acquire the tools to teach rules, basic individual skills and basic team concepts to beginning players of all ages.

Level 2 Clinics

The Level 2 curriculum is geared toward coaching players who have an understanding of the basic skills and objectives of the game. Coaches also will learn how practice planning fits into overall tactical objectives for their season. Coaches will receive detailed instruction on building the tactical elements of their team based on overarching principles for offense, defense and transition.

Level 3 Clinics

The Level 3 curriculum is geared toward coaching players that have a deep understanding of the objectives of the game. Coaches will receive detailed instruction on pregame preparation and tactics of the game. Coaches will also engage in critical thinking activities to build a higher lacrosse IQ for themselves and their team.

Learn to Play Clinics

Learn to Play Clinics are specially designed for coaches with limited experience in the sport, or for anyone (age 18 and over) looking for exposure to the basic techniques of the men's and/or women's games.

To register or find more information about Learn to Play clinics near you, please contact your local chapter. Not sure which one to choose? E-mail our regional development team.

LADM Clinics

**This clinic DOES NOT count towards CDP certification.**
The Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) P3 clinic takes a deep dive into how to run Peak Performance Practices (P3), which are practices for any level or age-group that maximize fun and learning using the LADM principles. Participants will experience hands-on learning by participating in an LADM designed practice progression centered around station-based, high engagement activities that develop the whole athlete. Then our trained facilitators will guide coaches in developing their own LADM practice plan that fits their athletes and coaching philosophy. Rather than focusing on coaching individual skills, this clinic is more geared towards teaching coaches how to get the most out of their team, their practice, and their seasons, all in the sense of doing what’s best of the overall athlete.